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Enuff Decade Truck

A lightweight fashion roller skate, capable of reassuring beginners and exciting pro riders while reducing the risk of heel tear.

Enuff Skateboards
First in-house designed trucks
Lead 3D Product Designer

Enuffs first in-house designed 3D product

Enuff was established in 2006 with a vision to create a top level UK skateboard brand that’s fun and affordable, without compromising quality. However, while its skateboard decks were praised, the open mould trucks used brought down the overall quality, durability, and reputation of the brand. When joining Enuff for a placement year as their first ever 3D designer, I was tasked with developing their first in-house designed mould. It was important to learn about the skateboarding world, competitor products, and what improvements needed to be made to create a superior truck that could withstand harsh treatment.

The Enuff Decade Truck has allowed Enuff to establish itself as the grassroots brand to enable kids to learn to skateboard, now used across the world and in skate-schools such as Let's Go Skate.

The Brief

To design and develop Enuff Skateboards first in-house designed mould product, the Decade Truck. To improve the durability of Enuffs existing truck, as well as its handling, grinding capabilities and beginner friendliness. The product also needed to be designed so that it could be created at different lengths for different boards, while maintaining its strength.

The Opportunity

Enuff needed to establish itself as a performance brand. With the only real critique of Enuffs complete skateboards being the truck, opening Enuffs first 3D mould that improves the capability would validate Enuffs claim of performance without the expensive price tag compromise.

CNC Prototyping

Increasing strength and reducing risk of heel tear.

  • While several 3D prints were created of the Enuff Truck, CNC was the most influential prototyping method. As the CNC was strong enough to hold heavy weight, we were able to test the limitations of how the truck turns, and when bushing caps would reach the inside wall of the truck causing it to "lock out". From our CNC prototypes, variations of the bushing sections and weight saving cut outs were made to increase its turning ability but also maintain strength.

The Design:

The whole truck was a complete re-design, with Enuff looking to separate itself from its previous truck. Improvements needed to be made to all areas, and strong collaboration was needed between myself, advanced skateboarders and southeast Asian factories.

  • A new kingpin angle was created after testing several CNC prototypes, to give users more control over their turning and feel more stable when riding.

  • A stronger design was made, but important weight saving cuts were made to ensure that the truck would be as long lasting as it would be user friendly.

  • The design was made to allow for moulds to be adapted to create three different sizes of truck. This allowed for more options to be made at a lower cost, in turn making the trucks more financially competitive on the market.

  • Compared to Enuffs original open mould truck, more clearance was given between the top nut and the grind area. This meant that the trucks could be used for longer when performing advanced tricks.

  • A larger grind space was developed, not only to increase longevity, but also to allow users to feel stable and more easily able to complete grind tricks.

Material FInishes

Creating different price options based on style and performance.

  • The gravity cast 356A Aluminium baseplate is heat treated to T4 to provide maximum strength. The trucks come in a raw, painted or satin finish. This allows the truck to be more visually appealing or a higher range of boards.

    Hollow king pins and axles have also been designed to offer and upgraded version of the Decade Truck at a lighter weight, without compromising on strength.

The Result

A stable and durable beginner focussed truck.

  • With all major issues having been addressed, the Enuff Decade Truck has enable many users to begin their skateboarding journey, providing them with a long lasting truck that is capable of longevity even as the progress to an advanced level.

Enuff Decade Truck

Since its design and manufacture over 750,000 trucks has been produced and return rates have been drastically dropped. The truck supports many new riders to the skateboarding scene at a reasonable price, with several different finishes and sizes available. Looks, strength, and performance have helped Enuff Skateboards become a leading European skating brand.